Special Feature Pod: How Jessica Kelley Boldly Went

Jess is the creator of the "Where the River Meets the Road Loop," a 1,350 mile combination mountain biking / packrafting loop from Anchorage, Alaska to combine paved and gravel roads with sections of the Yukon, Tanana and Susitna rivers. She met some serious challenges along the way, including needing to access medical care and make big alterations to her plan while in the field. Most importantly, Jess learned some valuable things about herself, and what she considers the most important in life.

Jess is an endurance athlete and coach, and has competed in numerous bike and foot races across the country, including the White Mountains 100 and the Iditasport 200, as well as a number of backcountry challenges including a traverse of the North Cascades and the previous FKT of the Press Traverse in Olympic National Park.

We sit down with her to ask her all about how she boldly went.

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