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I want to thank everyone who visits my Patron page by giving you a free ebook.  Tesla's Stepdaughters is one of my more popular tales.  It is a steam-punk, science-fiction, rock and roll, detective adventure.  Here's a little blurb:

In an alternate 1975, where men are almost extinct due to germ warfare, someone is trying to kill history's greatest rock & roll band. It falls to Science Police Agent John Andrews, only recently arrived from the distant male enclaves, to protect them. As the band continues their come-back tour across North America, Andrews must negotiate a complicated relationship with Ep!phanee, the band's lead singer; drummer Ruth De Molay, bassist Steffie Sin, and the redheaded clone lead guitarist Penny Dreadful, as he protects them and tries to discover who wants to kill the Ladybugs.

You can download your ebook in the format of your choice by following copying this link into your browser's address line: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/14068

Be sure to use coupon code YD29X at checkout to get your special price of FREE.  This offer is good until June 7, 2017

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