Special Guest Article by Siva-Jack: The Story of Mustard Knight

By Siva-Jack Sernvongsat

Hi everyone, I hope you all like the Mustard Knight's design.  I thought I would share how this character came to be.

The idea for him started thanks to my discovery of Toy Pizza coinciding with the classes I was taking in German Longsword dueling. Because I was into that sport when I first came across the videos, the two are intertwined forever in my brain. 

A lot of the design choices were a mix old and new aesthetics.  Jesse suggested the base color should be copper, to add a new metallic body we had not yet seen for the Old Knight body. 

I tried my best to embody the spirit of wave 1 into this design with the white stripe on the chest and the dark yellow elbows and knees.  As for the strap it’s a homage to the sword bag my mom made for me for my training. 

Story-wise, Mustard was never given a “new” suit with power ups. Instead, he wore a yellow "cheese platter" prototype test suit with no enhancements.  Mustard asked Royal (a true knight, lost in time from the medieval ages) to train him to be a proper swordsmen. After he mastered the training, Royal gave him an Old Knight armor because its more durable than the tattered cheese platter suit. 

Thanks for checking out the story behind Mustard Old Knight! 


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