Special May Rewards Announcment!!
Since I'm going to be in Japan for the week at the end of this month, I wanted to add some special reward incentives for new and exisiting Patrons!! 🇯🇵 I hope you like them! 

Special May Reward #1 - In addition to all regular rewards, this month Patrons at the $30 level will have the choice to request the latte art of their choice at a famous latte art cafe in Harajuku or receive a surprise keychain in the mail! The latte art at Reissue cafe in Harajuku is really amazing - check out the 3D shiba inu latte I got in December! (pictured above) 

You can order any 2D or 3D design you want, and the barista will make it for you. Check out his Twitter for tons of examples of lattes he's made in the past! (he even made a gif of my husband's moogle latte!!) If you select this option, you will need to send me your latte art request by May 26th. Then, I will go to the cafe and order the design you want and photograph it for you! This is a rare chance to see the latte art of your dreams made into a reality! 

If, however, you'd prefer a physical reward, you can instead choose to receive a surprise keychain in your monthly letter from me. This keychain will be something that can only be purchased at certain stores in Japan, such as a Pokemon Center, or the Sailor Moon store in Harajuku. You can let me know generally what you might like to receive (Pokemon, Sanrio, etc.), but the final keychain I select will be a surprise. 

Regardless of which option you choose, the May letter for $30 Patrons will be chock full of new stationery goodies I'll be picking up in Japan!

To help more people get in on these awesome rewards, I've increased the number of $30 pledge slots from 6 to 8! Don't wait if you want to grab one of these slots! 

Special May Reward #2 - For the month of May, all $10 Patrons will receive a postcard from Japan! The postcard will be a random design chosen by me, but it'll be something I'd love to receive myself, so you know it'll be awesome (the picture above is a sample of postcards in my collection)! If you're already a $10 Patron, I will be sending you a message asking for your address sometime in the next week or so. 

Of course, I will also be posting lots of special updates from Japan during the last week of May, so keep your eye out for those! Thank you all so much for your support, and I hope you like these special rewards!!