Hello everyone!

I have some special news! 

I informed my friends and family, and my commissions already, so now I'll tell you too! The reason why my sickness was taking me awhile to recover from was because of another matter all together. 

I just got confirmation a few days ago, and now my husband and I will be taking an official test some time in the next few weeks.


It's actually the reason why I've been nauseous for the past 3 weeks. Usually when I get a flu or cold it would take me about a week to recover, but then I started getting other symptoms, and sure enough! 

Hopefully, I can get back on a schedule that will allow me to work again at my more usual pace. Until then!

Also, I wanted to use this time to officially continue my work on Wandering White! 

I will be using this time to start arranging all the testing and artwork I've done for the game so far into a working demo. As such, my asset creation will be slowed down considerably, but I will still be creating assets and working on my commissions as I go along.

Thank you all for your patience, and like always, I'll keep you all posted!