A special note for lovely patreons
Hello people - Rob here - I've just climbed the hill that is the b3ta newsletter - it's not just a handful of links copied from the board - it's a epic fight with content that leaves me high and shattered.

Anyway, what I didn't realise last week is that notes put here get sent out to you lot and accidentally makes two newsletters.

My friend Chris was "I liked the second newsletter" and I was "what are you talking about?"

He reckoned I should make a feature of it but what to put here? I figured I'd just ramble away and see what comes out.

This week I've seen Joel Veitch's co-written short film and it actually was quite good but it was also an oddity as it's partly based on people we knew when we were students together.

The strange thing was I ended up as an extra in it because my partner knew the director and wanted some bodies for a school reunion scene.

And I didn't even know Joel had written it. So there I am an extra in a film that was apparently written about people we knew.


I also saw Matt Round, an old b3tan who did the Serial Killer or Programmer quiz and he's full of 1000s of ideas as usual, half wanting someone to give him £50m to start a new social network.

So if you have that money laying around you should get in touch.

Anyway thanks for the cash and support - it feels great to be working on a web project that's purely about trying to do the right thing and not chasing numbers.

Chasing numbers  sucks. I've done it in commercial projects and it makes websites without soul.

Anyone else I've seen this week? Old B3tan Natt Tapley - whose now doing stuff with Dan Snow and the History channel. He's well and sends his regards.


Mr Rob Manuel Esq. (Aged 44)

PS I am not proofing this.