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Special Offer: Remastered Actual Plays Volume 1

I have launched a special offer for patrons who are interested in listening to classic actual play episodes with improved audio quality. I’ve attached an example AP, Lady Gaga 2.0.

Lady Gaga was originally recorded in 2010 with a Zoom h2 recorder. It’s a bit rough at places. In the years since I recorded this episode, I’ve learned more about editing audio and I have access to better audio editing software and hardware. I recently re-edited the source file to improve its audio quality and remove background noise.

From August 24 to September 6, I’m holding a special offer on the RPPR Patreon, Remastered Actual Plays, Volume 1.

If you back at the $5 level or above, you get to vote on six classic games I will re-edit for better quality, like I did with this episode. Voting begins on August 31 and runs until September 6. I'll post the link to vote then. I picked a list of 20 of our most popular one shot games to choose from, shown below. They also gain access to a special discord channel that will only be available to them, where we can talk about the games and I’ll have some special surprises!  Patrons get early access to these episodes before the public.

Once all six episodes are edited, they will be released to the public on a mirror site so they can be downloaded separately. I plan to edit around 2 episodes a month but real life may cause some delays. I also want to do some livestreams of my work, so patrons can watch the process. There may be other special rewards like unreleased actual play episodes! I have a LOT of old files to sort through and who knows what I’ll find in the archives?

If this special offer does well, I plan to launch more special offers to remaster actual play episodes. Once I get a sense of how much work is involved, I can tackle campaigns like Know Evil and Heroes of New Arcadia. If this idea interests you, be sure to back the Patreon now to show your support.

The List of Actual Play episodes:

  1. Candle Cove: Based on the creepypasta story of the same name, Candle Cove pits investigators against a cult and a demon in a 3 way battle.
  2. Bryson Springs: Horrors lurk in a Hooverville in 1935. What is the Fisher of Men?
  3. Sucrose Park: A playtest for my book, Road Trip. A group of kids and their monster pals fight a crazed giant rat and brain!
  4. Lover in the Ice: A monster preys on a town isolated in a snowstorm. Only a team of Delta Green agents can stop it before it escapes.
  5. The Legacy of NIMH: Remember the Secret of NIMH? We added things to it. Dark things.
  6. The Dangers of Fraternization: Berlin after World War 2 was a hotbed of crime and political intrigue.
  7. A Glorious Fall: An introduction to Eclipse Phase, a transhuman sci-fi horror RPG.
  8. Call of Cthulhu: Shanghaied: Shark fighting, cave cows, and Deep Ones, oh my!
  9. Preemptive Revenge: Time travel is terrifying in the hands of the callous.
  10. The Night Clerk: Architectural horror in a hotel where the rules of reality do not matter.
  11. Dig to Victory: Horrors lurk in the trenches of Europe during World War 1
  12. Slasher Flick: Synthopia: A 1980s action film, only the players are bad guys trying to survive the relentless assault of the hero Jack Shade.
  13. Revelations: It starts our as a creepy horror scenario and then we realized we were playing Cthulhu Dark.
  14. Macbeth: The Play’s the Thing turns Shakespeare into a RPG. Our take on Macbeth is…unique.
  15. They Served Brandyolyn Red: Truly a love story for the ages. A Dungeon Crawl Classic adventure that features a wedding and giant ants.
  16. The Haunting: The Best-Worst game EVER. The real horror comes from the actions of the players.
  17. The Eliminators: Rifts is not the most mechanically balanced game system. We still played it, much to Caleb’s chagrin.
  18. Think Before Asking: Sci-fi one shot based on the dangers of building incredibly powerful artificial intelligences. To summarize: they’re really scary.
  19. Erasure Squad: A group of heavily armed Firewall agents investigate an asteroid base.
  20. Somewhere Lane: Two hapless paramedics encounter a horrifying ‘traveler’.

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