Special Offer for new and Current Patrons starting tomorrow
Oh yes so tomorrow we launch our New Special Offer which only last for a specific amount of time. When it launches tomorrow all Patrons $5 and Up will receive a personalized Postcard physically mailed to them from us. The Postcards will be mailed on December 1st so if you're a Patron already please be sure that your mailing address has been submitted. If you're new to our Patreon and become a Patron of our Page at the $5 and Up level you'll receive a Postcard from us too.

We strive daily to do more and share more for all of the awesome people who support us, after XMas we aim to be working more on our YouTube Series and in house Merchandise while I ride my bike 25,000 miles next year. Hugs to you all for the support and those of you who are considering.