Special Offer: What Goods?
Hi! Three things: 1) I just recorded 8 chapters of The Maltese Jordans, so more audio is coming soon!

2) The book is coming!!

and 3) Biggest of all, I'm going to be running a Special Offer here on Patreon to offer people the chance to get their name in the Acknowledgements section of the book. It's my way to say Thank You for everyone who supports me and what I do.

So you all are set: because you've been supporting me like champions, you are already assured a place in the Acknowledgements. But to make this Special Offer even sweeter, I want to offer cool, interesting things for you guys too. 

What would you like? I have options below for you to vote on and if you have other ideas, leave them in the comments!

Okay. That's all. I look forward to your comments! Exciting!

Thanks! And Happy Holidays!

[PS: Keep in mind that you can vote for more than one!]

Maltese Jordans cover stickers.

Maltese Jordans cover postcards to have and to give out around the release -- to help spread the world about the book!

A sticker with a picture of a Maltese Jordans sneaker, only available here, just for a limited time.

A Maltese Jordans baseball or knit winter cap.

Some variety of Maltese Jordans T-shirt.

Other swag--leave thoughts below.

Other specialized thank you's, such as a phone call, guest spots on the podcast, or similar.

23 votes total

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