[Special Offer] Be a $10+ Patron in December and get the FULL Secrets game!

Hello everyone!

The special offer has started!

So, if you stay (because you already are) or if you become a $10+ Patron this month, you will be eligible to receive a special version of Secrets.

This version will include ALL futures updates of the game as soon as they are released. That means all future episodes till final episode (episode 8).

At the end of this month, you will receive an email from me asking for your name and email address where I will send you this version of the game.

It will be an online version. It means, the game will be connected to internet to update itself as soon as an update is available. you will have nothing to do but play the game :)

The Online version will be released in January. You will receive an email this month confirming you will receive the full game.

This is a one time charge, you won't be charged in January for this offer. So yes, if you pay $10 this month (or more if you want to support the game), you will get Secrets in full! 

Isn't it a nice Christmas' present? 

So please, spread the word around you, this offer will last till the end of December.

Thank you for playing Secrets and for your support!


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