A Special Perk for $10+ Patrons

As you guys know, we've grown an affinity for sending people stuff through the mail to support this crazy newsletter of ours, and it's already led us on a journey to mail folks zines, as well as the weirdest possible stuff we can find on Amazon and other services.

A pal of mine, Michael Sitver,  has embraced a similar mission through his service Letterjoy, which literally mails historic letters to folks on a weekly basis. I think his service is pretty cool and in the spirit of what we write about at Tedium, and I wanted to give it a nudge, so we worked together on an idea in that spirit: For May, we'll be giving out one-month trials to Letterjoy for folks who are supporting the site at levels of $10 or above. It's a bit of a discount from what it usually costs, and is traditionally not offered in a one-month plan, so you're coming out ahead!

We highlighted this in the most recent issue of the newsletter, but we're giving it a separate shout-out here.

Anyone who's interested, sign up for the $10 tier for the month (and make sure your address is listed, of course, so we know where to send it!)—and if you want to bump down after, totally fine of course. I just think that what Mike is doing with Letterjoy is so cool that I thought I'd try to share it with folks who are probably destined to appreciate it.

Speaking of things that are mailed, I'm going to get issue 3 of the Tedium zine cooking in the next couple of weeks. I'm still playing with ideas, but I can't wait to get moving on it! (Anyone who'd like a physical copy of issue 2 by the way, I still have a few extras! I'm actually about to send a couple out today. Let me know.)

Let me know if you have any questions and see ya in the inbox!

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