Special Release...
It started when I joined Gravity Tales and published five exclusive chapters for GT's readers. I though that if anyone deserves extra chapters, than first and foremost it's my patrons.

Following that frame of mind it dawned on me that by the pace my Patreon page develop, legit extra chapters, exclusive to patrons, are too far of sight. So I came up with an idea to make the special release a little more interesting... Instead of compensating my patrons for publishing their chapters in GT, I decided to publish an exclusive Patreon's chapter for each active patron and 10$ milestone.

15 patrons + 76$ = 22.6, rounding to 23 and counting it when new patron will joins or surpassing another 10$ milestone.

That is 23 chapters difference from GT!

How this system will work in the future?

 As I previously explain. Unrelated to the goals and rewards I set up, for every new patron or 10$ milestone I'll publish a special chapter. But! When a patron leaves or the donation decrease beneath a 10$ milestone, I'll count the special chapters I released next time a milestone crossed or someone joins.

For example. Right now we counted a worth of 22  special  chapters and I actually published 23, if a new patron will join and his or her donation will not help cross the from the current 76$ to 80$, than for that patron I only owe one extra chapter, which I already published.

Basically, new special chapters cannot repeat milestones in patrons' or donations' number.

Sorry if I ended up more confusing than clear, hope that you all will enjoy every current and futuristic special chapters!