Special rewards instructions

If you've selected one of the higher tiers and you want to claim your reward, read the following instructions:

  • Name on the credits of the game: Post in the comments down below the name you want to appear in the credits (user name, real name, or whatever other nickname you'd like to use).
  • Custom Discord Role: Send me a private message through Discord letting me know what custom role do you want me to create (name, color) and I'll award it to you. 
  • Cameo: First of all, please check that there's an available spot for this reward. Even if there's a free spot on the tier, I can't add unlimited NPCs to the game. Once you sign up, private message me through Discord or Patreon to let me know about your cameo appearance. Your likeness (or one of your choosing) will be implemented in a background NPC (a store clerk, a co-worker, a random guy/girl at the bar...). I'll need a couple pictures and I'll add the character in game at an appropriate time taking the development into account. Once the character has been created, you don't have to keep your pledge at this level, it will remain in the game forever! You're welcome to keep your pledge, of course. 

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