Special Announcement - SYNTECH
Hi there, everyone! Kenji here.

With college over (for now), I'm rushing to work on my VOCALOID stuff.  Here's a sample of a new song, "Parasite"!

"Parasite" is a song with explicit content- more specifically, some curses here and there. At least f-bomb made it into the lyrics, and that was on purpose.  That's pretty new for me!

It's a moodier track about depression, dependency, searching for comfort during bad times, and being/feeling victimized for it. A very simple version of the song (drums and bass only) was drafted months ago during a fit of depression I had.

I found it in my files yesterday, and started buffing it up and making it shiny. Now it's part of my ongoing project, SYNTECH!

For those not in the know, SYNTECH is a two album project of mine, intended to broaden the general appeal of original VOCALOID works by providing them in two formats. SYNTECH, as an album, is the VOCALOID-centric album of the two. The other album, CHORTECH, features my vocals (and guests, potentially) in their place. Illustrations will be provided by EmissarySteel, the official illustrator for Zero-G Limited's new VOCALOIDs, Dex and Daina!

As a special treat, any new or current patron who pledges $5 or more will get a free digital copy of SYNTECH upon release. (It's normally $12.) I'm debating copies of CHORTECH alongside this, so more on that in the future.

I'm looking to February 2016 for release of SYNTECH, CHORTECH following in March 2016.  Physical copies of SYNTECH and CHORTECH will be attempted through an Indiegogo campaign after SYNTECH's release.

Thanks to my Patrons for your support. It's very much appreciated, and I hope you'll continue supporting my work!