Special Thanks!
A very special thanks and shout out to project member DaVaun Sanders for finalizing our master gear list.  After library checks and yet even more models on the way, standing count for the complete inventory for all characters - including DLCs and in the shop after release in 2018 over the following year - we are hoping to offer:

380 Weapons, 210 Clothing Items, 175 Basic Gear items, 30 Cybernetic Enhancements; and a crafting system with over 700 raw materials and components.

We plan to start small and get all of our systems working together and tested in alpha over the Summer before pushing for a Kickstarter later in the year or early next year to go along with our Steam Greenlight Campaign and the release of at least 2 other SQ Project related e-books. You'll hear more about those soon as well.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us through the journey, we're in the home stretch.

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