So I had a bit of a cry when I reached my $150 goal, because I never thought I could get that much.

But then y'all showed up and catapulted me past it!! <3 I had to make a new goal! Like. WHAT IS THIS.

I can't express how much this means to me <3 I have my hysterectomy in less than a month, and I'm nailing a date in November for the first stage of this phalloplasty, and I'm in the midst of wrangling bank loans to pay for it, and--

And here you all are.

Letting me not completely freak the fuck out about my ability to repay those loans.

Thank you so, so, SO much <3

I've uploaded the BIG MAN cover as a special exclusive thank you for all of you, old and new. I've updated all the lower tiers with new snippets. And I'll be sending out emails to people on the higher tiers over the weekends with their rewards too <3