Special update!
I'd like to announce something quickly.

ALL Patreons will get access to my segment guide and notes for our Lain coverage episodes as this is a Patreon milestone and only a monthly thing - this will also be the same case for our Manga episodes - which by the way, congratulations, we met the milestone without me even noticing apparently! So we will try to slot in the Manga episode in the next two weeks (hopefully) this means every two weeks we will release an extra bonus episode! 

The Raw for the Lain episode will be sent out shortly to Patreon supporters pledging $10+ per month (we're recording after I post this) and the main episode will be released on Wednesday night AEST. I've decided to have this as a Wednesday release - probably the same with the Digimon Manga-covering episodes too.

I'm going to post the notes to all Patreon supporters now, I just thought I'd post this post first and to everyone so I can share it to everyone, so if you're a Patreon supporter you should be able to check out our Lain notes now (or soon, I have to press publish on that post too)!