Speckled Stones - Cursing Stones of Ireland
My friend Rachel sent me a link today which is both fascinating and fortuitous... An RTE Radio One documentary podcast called 'Speckled Stones - Cursing Stones of Ireland'. 

If you've any interest in authentic Irish folk traditions, you gotta have a listen.


(I'm including the MP3 file at the bottom in case there's any difficulty with international access or download.)

And at 34 minutes in, you'll hear them talk about the Cursing Stones in Killinagh, on the Cavan/Fermanagh border - which is where we went for this month's Site Visit.

There's some local stories there that'll definitely be explored in our Site Report for $20 and above Patrons, while the Videos and Pictures provide a personalised insight to the site experience. Our Guided Journey of course, and even the Seanchai Story for our $3 and above Patrons, are heavily influenced by this powerful place.

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