Spectacle Magazine update
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A few weeks ago I did an in-depth analysis of the new SF/F market Spectacle

In an emailed update, the editors said their first issue is now at the printers. They also plan to release their first fiction story online on February 1, which will give everyone a sense of what the magazine is actually looking for. (See below for update)

And the editors added this note about their submissions:

We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the reaction from writers! So far, we're at 1600 submissions in just 2 months! Our initial estimate to get back to everyone in a week was wildly off. Sorry! We updated the website already, but our new plan after putting this first issue to bed is to turn off submissions on Thursday, Feb 1st and get back to everyone February 15th.  

Once the first issue is released I'll publish a review and analysis of it.

Update: Spectable released their first fiction online, "Ingredients" by Craig DeLancey. This is a very moving story of a customer service AI trying to understand human emotions and life. If this fiction is truly indicative of what they aim to publish, they're off to a good start.

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