Speed Dating (Ren'py tiny!game)
So I have been noodling with something called Ren'py, which is a coding environment for creating things like visual novels and dating sims. Speed Dating is a one-move hexarchate dating sim. It's really more of a "Hello World" proof-of-concept coding exercise than an actual game, and as you can see, it's rough around the edges--I take full responsibility for the sloppiness of the menu rollovers. (Yikes, I'm terrible at eyeballing coordinates.)

However! Having proven I can get basic things done in this medium, I might be able to return to this in the future. I think a visual novel would be a terrifically fun project. Not happening this year as it looks like I'm going to be booked up for projects already, but it's always good to know what my options are, you know?

I have provided zip files of a Windows and a Mac download. If anyone wants a Linux build, leave a comment and I can make a new post with a Linux download as well.Thanks to ahasvers for providing the art, and tbutler and Kelly Peterson for providing the photography for backgrounds.