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Speed Drawing: Nerf Herder - "At The Con"
Hey nerds!  Last week, one of my favorite bands, Nerf Herder, released a new studio album called "Rockingham."  It's really a great listen with songs about Ghostbusters, Rush, Weezer, even Allie Goetz (who I just recently became a big fan of). You should totally buy it today. You will not be disappointed.

A few weeks ago, Parry Gripp, lead singer of the band, reached out to me and asked if I would do some album art for one of their songs.  I originally was going to do the art for "The Girl Who Listens to Rush."  But, the guys asked me to draw some art for their song "At The Con" which is essentially a love song to DragonCon, one of my favorite cons. How could I turn that down?

The band have released a lyric only video of "At The Con" which was premiered last week on Nerdist.  My video is a process  video and is a bit longer than the song, so it loops three times.  So it's not the "official" video for the song, but it goes through the  entire process from concept to inks to color.  It's a bit of a companion piece for my Munchkin cover from last week.  Elapsed time on this creation was about 4 hours total real time.  

It was a tremendous honor to do the album art and I was so proud to be able to create a speed drawing video for the song as well.  We've been singing the song for weeks and enjoying the album immensely.  Enjoy the process video and thank you for your continued support!

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Thanks again and enjoy the process video!