Speed Paint video "Shizuka".

If you came here because you played Pitch Black Serenade, thank you so much for trying it out! If you're here because you'd like to watch art process videos, thank you so much as well! My aim is to post a lot of them.

Hi, I'm Kuna. I'm not a native English speaker, but I'll do my best to write the best English I can.

More importantly, the first post on this Patreon is a speed paint video! 

As mentioned in the tier's description, I will upload process videos unrelated to Pitch Black Serenade too. From time to time I work on commissions and I'd like to show the related process as well.

In this case, the lineart is done with pencil on paper so the video is only about the coloration with Paint Tool SAI. I hope you'll enjoy it!  ( ´   _ゝ`)  ノ 

Character: Shizuka from Quantum Suicide. Commissioned by Xolf.

BGM: https://dova-s.jp/bgm/play7277.html

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