A Spell Gone Wrong
There might be nothing  unusual about a young girl who loves horses and wants to have one, to  sit in the saddle and to gallop over vast green plains. But if she tries  to conjure up a horse using an ancient magic scroll she bought in an  obscure dark shop full of strange things in a forgotten back alley, the  result might be a little bit different.
Apparently, it was a shock  for her realize that the spell didn't go exactly the way she had  expected and that it brought her an equine experience much more direct  than what she had ever wished for. Will she be able to cope with it? On  the bright side, she can now enjoy galloping over the plains as much as  she likes, though the saddle (nor the riding boots) will not be of much  use for her anymore...

coloured pencils and gold marker. 2016

Spell Gone Wrong was the February 2016 monthly contest theme on Projekt ilustrace.  I like centaurs, As you might have guessed from my gallery, so when I  saw the monthly theme, I immediately thought about some unexpected and  unintended centaur transformation but it took some time to elaborate the  idea. I also played a bit with the gold marker to draw those magic  sparkles, which made it impossible to scan (for some reason the scanner  just ignores the shine and makes the "gold" into some dull brownish  hue), but in the end I managed to make a photo of it and after some  tweaks in Photoshop I am more or less satisfied with the colours.
I'm  not used to making up backstories for my pictures (more often I draw  illustrations of existing stories), but this picture just called for  one.  
By the way, it was voted the best one in the monthly contest!
So what do you think about it?