Spellburst Savant EX Turbo update
I had thought that I was going to be done updating this one, but I've uploaded another copy of the EX Turbo version of the Spellburst Savant, with some adjustments, clarifications, and fixes. Home sick today, so hoping to get some more writing done if I can.

• Aura Sense had a note added that you don't get the ability to tell what sort of caster a person you detect is. 
• Added a note that Absorb Spell doesn't give you super-high-level slots from being able to Nova Heighten Spell things. 
• Spellburst Scholar's DRM fluff has been adjusted and elaborated on; a sidebar about how two different Scholars interact with each others' DRM has also been added. 
• Spell Notebook pages are noted to not work with metamagic reducers. 
• A note about identifying a Spell Notebook page as what it is has been added. 
• Spellburst Scholar deconstruct intention adjusted to +1. 
• Akashic Dabbler now has a clarification that it does count abilities that increase capacity of the veil. 
• Blockade blocks are noted as being solid.