Spelunky Giveaway Saturday 7-30-16!

So, I decided this Saturday will be our first ‪#‎giveaway‬ of 2016! Who likes‪#‎freeshit‬? I like free shit!

We're giving away a ‪#‎free‬ ‪#‎Steam‬ key for ‪#‎Spelunky‬ this Saturday (July 30, 2016)!

Anyway, rules!

1. Must be following at twitch.tv/omegabladex

2. 25 Corner Credits per entry

3. 20 entries max per person

4. Must be present to enter!

5. Giveway will happen live on Saturday sometime during our normal Saturday stream (starts at 11AM Pacific). 

How do you get Corner Credits? Simple--by hanging out in Omega's Corner! 

25 are given for following, and the rest are accrued by chatting and watching while we're live. No CC are accrued while offline, so they're only accrued while we're live.

Regulars accrue more CC per tick, as do followers, so be sure to hang out lots to ensure you have enough CC to enter all 20 possible times!

When entering, 25 CC will be deducted from your current CC total, regardless of winning or losing. Winner will be selected at random among the entries given--those with more entries have a higher change to win, naturally.

This way, even newcomers to the corner can enter the giveaway. You get 25 CC for following, and you must be following. That nets you a single entry. How convenient is that? ;)

Anyway, as always, no purchase necessary. Just come on by and hang out with me anytime this week, and let's get you them Corner Credits!

More giveaways to come after. I got more keys I wanna give out and back to everyone who's supported me and Omega's Corner, so make sure you come by frequently so you can feel the love!

Much love,

- Omega <3