Spelunky Level Generation in Unity???
Spelunky is a game close to my heart, Derek Yu, created a masterpiece by mixing equal parts randomisation and familiarity.
For Ludum Dare I attempted to create the same level generation algorithm that he used to create the levels in Spelunky, unfortunately the game ended up being a completely unplayable garbage game equal parts failure and pain, however the level generation worked nicely.
I used the explanation he gave in Indie Game The Movie's special features as well as this explanation here: http://tinysubversions.com/spelunkyGen/

I did an "okay" job at translating the basic concept of the algorithm into C# and the Unity Engine but there is still much work to be done;

Obstacle placement,
Enemies Placement,
Block Destruction
Treasure Rooms (of the path)
Entry & Exit Points
Random Treasure

I want to keep working on this level generation script and possibly do a tutorial series  in the future, If this is something you would like to see, let me know. :) 
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