Spendings transparency report (Feb 2018)
We had a goal of $500 donations before we can start paperwork for 501c3 non-profit organization in United States for LibreTaxi. This goal was not met, but we've decided to move forward and incorporate one more time. In the past we had bad experience with organization which promised help with legal work and money. However, they used LibreTaxi name to secure their funding, and legally flushed our pockets for ~$3000, which was almost devastating for company of our age and size.

Nevertheless, donations from our 3 patrons, code contributions, and feedback from individuals inspired us to move forward. This month we've spent time and money to incorporate in the state of Arizona as non-profit organization. Papers have been submitted and we are awaiting for confirmation from Arizona officials. After it's done, we will submit papers for exemption status to IRS. ETAs: ~1 month to incorporate, ~9 months for status if everything goes well. Since we rely on your support, we've decided it would be fair to share on how much money was spent this month:

* Incorporation fee: $40 one-time fee

* Arizona registered agent: $49/year (~$4/month) via https://www.arizonaregisteredagent.com

Expected spendings:

* One-time filing fee for form 1023-EZ (or form 1023) is $275 to $600.

* Corporate tax: "ALL corporations taxable by default and; charges ALL corporations an $800 minimum annual corporate tax (even if inactive)".

In other words, we need at least $70/month for the next 12 months and $640 of one-time donations, or $119/month only to cover legal expenses. Also, taxes should be paid, so the actual number should be 20-30% more.

Numbers above don't reflect project hosting fees, domains, database engine  (firebase) payments.

LibreTaxi is social "Uber alternative" with free source code and libre license. We have thousands of registered passengers and drivers who already use our system for free of charge. We do not take any fees for using the service and not planning to do so in the future. We believe non-profit status will help us reach our goals, develop better software, attract more drivers and passengers to alternative and social ridesharing platform.

We highly appreciate any support. You can donate via Patreon.