Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy - Let's Play - 00032
One of the great, overlooked platform/action/puzzle games from the 2000s. Beyond Good and Evil, Psychonauts and others have all received their share of alternative and retro-gaming love, but this Xbox-exclusive title has continued to be largely overlooked. I picked it up in a bargain bin years ago, and was really blown away when I finally played it. The graphics are gorgeous, the story is good, the puzzles are fantastic, but the action controls *are* a bit loose.

The first two videos introduce the story, and cover the first level with Sphinx, the first of two protagonists. Videos 3 - 10 introduce the Mummy; the former King Tut, and do his first level, followed by Sphinx heading to Abydos and Heliopolis. Videos 11 - 15 are the second Mummy level, and Sphinx finishing up quests around Heliopolis before starting the second Anubis Wall area.

16-17 Get's Sphinx past the early fighting areas, and into the next puzzle area of the Wall 2 section.

18-25 Covers Sphinx rescuing Ketta from the Shrine / Anubis Wall 2 area, the third Mummy area which has the third missing Abydos jewel and the Medicine Bag, Sphinx's return to Abydos, saving the Mayor, defeating the first level boss and Sphinx's return to Heliopolis to meet with a rejuvenated Anubis.

Videos 26 - 27 follow Sphinx as he opens up the South Desert of Heliopolis and seeks out a new temple, and a new quest: to gather the lost pieces of the Rosetta Stone!

Videos 28 - 36 Cover the recovery of the Rosetta Stone, deciphering a prophecy, Tut recovering the Hands of Amun (gauntlets of strength), which Sphinx needs to access the gate to the Uruk Isles!
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