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Spider-Man (Black "Symbiote" Suit)

Illustration - Comic Book

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Spider-Man has had many costume changes through his tremendous Marvel Comics run since his debut. But no costume stood out more than the Black Symbiote costume he had encountered while exploring a spaceship that crashed in New York. The symbiote gave Spider-Man outstanding strength and heightened awareness of his surroundings, effectively enhancing his spidey-senses and agility. It was also able to produce synthetic webbing rather than his usual web cartridges, allowing him to web sling and use his webs in battle without worry of running out or changing the cartridges mid-swing or mid-fight.

But the power also came with an overwhelming surge of arrogance, attitude, and anger. This would often manifest itself into a larger and sinister looking foe, exposing the symbiote's true form- an incredibly strong enemy known as Venom.

In an effort to remove the symbiote, Spider-Man realized the only way to hurt the symbiote is with either fire or high frequency/loud soundwaves. This led Spider-Man to the local church, allowing him to rip off the symbiote by striking the church bells, rendering Venom dazed and weakened.

After being removed from Spider-Man, the symbiote crawled onto an unsuspecting citizen, who unknown to it, had also been ruined by Spider-Man, as well as the man under the mask- Peter Parker- of which Venom knew the identity. Venom latched onto this man, Eddie Brock, and their hate for Peter Parker spawned a bigger, badder, teethier, more lethal Venom, having Eddie allow Venom to unleash it's full potential as means to seek revenge against Peter.

But until then, Spider-Man donned the symbiote, and took advantage of the power that came with it, allowing him to stand up to bigger foes both defensively and offensively, proving himself to be a formidable opponent to any super villain to challenge him. 

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