Spider Song
I'm writing from the comfort of my very own Watermelon! For those of you who are new here, that's the name of my studio. It's lovely and cool in here, despite the broiling heat outside. I am so, so happy to be home. I just returned from Australia, which is a magical land of friendly marsupials and even friendlier humans. I spent a week on tour with outstandingly talented and kind songwriter Vienna Teng. Then, another week on Magnetic Island, off of the north coast - drinking English tea every morning, reading a wonderful book about the life of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay (it's called 'Savage Beauty', and I recommend it heartily), hanging out with cute backpackers, and working on my tan. I hope to return early and often. While I was away, a good friend of mine sent me an email reading "what ever happened to that song about animals, doing their animally thing?" Here's what happened: I wrote it more than a decade ago, at a meditation retreat (I was a hippie/punk/dumpster diver/meditator at the time). I was sitting under a tree, watching a spider build a web, slowly and deliberately. I looked out over the grounds of the meditation center, and saw people walking around the walking track, slowly and deliberately. I thought, "Here we are! Just a bunch of animals, doing our animally stuff." It may have been enlightenment, or I may have been delirious from hunger and lack of human contact, but I found this thought ridiculously, profoundly, hysterically funny. So here it is, the Spider Song. A silly-and-yet-strangely-profound little number. Thanks to Amy Childs for the reminder. On that note, if you ever want me to post a particular song - be it an original or a cover - I hereby invite you to pull an Amy Childs and make special requests. I don't promise to record them, but I promise to consider it! More where this came from, and postcards in the mail. Love, Carsie