Spiders! Ew! | New Adventure for Fifth Edition (Collaboration)

Expansive environments!

Fight your way through the hidden catacombs and caverns of the Venom Queen's lair in this set of gridded and ungridded battlemaps, featuring two variants: classic, and toxic! Formatted for print, transform your game night's theater of the imagination into an exciting, tangible dungeon crawl!

Cze and Peku provide multiple map packs of unrivaled quality for their patrons each month. Patrons receive additional map variants that can transform the entire design of the environment! You can become a patron today and access additional variants of these very maps! Support them today! 

Exclusive new miniatures!

Print out 5 new custom miniatures at home for your exploration: egg sacs, restrained humanoid, Toxic Crawler Hatchling, Toxic Crawler (adult), and the Venom Queen herself! These high quality illustrations are sure to impress your players and immerse them in the story. Just print and assemble, without needing to paint anything yourself!  

Paper Forge creates weekly miniatures for patrons to use in your games! Patrons can access every miniature, color variant, cut file (so you don't have to cut it yourself!), raw art file, and more! Now with over 100 miniatures already made and counting! Support them today and access additional color variants and miniature sizes of these very creatures! Become a patron today! 

Combat the Spider Horde!

Control and play these exciting new spider creatures with inventive new creatures and environmental hazards! With Challenge Ratings of 1/4, 1, and 11, this set of creatures is sure to work in any campaign setting and array of player levels: just add more spiders!

It'sADnDMonsterNow creates unique combat encounters for their patrons and is a staple in the D&D homebrew community. Patrons receive exclusive monsters and access to the growing IADnDMN compendium! Support IADnDMN today! 

Collect new spoils!

The cavern's risks isn't without its own rewards! Discover or forge three new treasures in this dungeon with new spider themed items, ranging from common to rare, that are balanced and ready to add to your existing campaign! Share printed or digital cards with your players to reward them for their hard-fought battles against the Venom Queen's brood in this collaborative dungeon!

The Griffon's Saddlebag creates daily homebrew items for your campaign that are illustrated, written, and balanced to look and feel like official content. Patrons receive instant access to the almost 300 existing items already made, as well as their art, cards, compendium entries, tables, and more. Become a patron today! 

Adventure together!  

This newly added adventure awaits you and your traveling companions! This deep, flavorful adventure is great for parties of four or more level 3 players, and is the perfect way to incorporate these creatures, maps, and items into your existing campaigns! While the Venom Queen herself is a nigh-impossible adversary for characters at low levels, higher-level parties can still enjoy the dive through this harrowing dungeon to find her toxic spoils and destroy the expanding lair.  

DMDave creates high-quality adventures like this and other 5e-specific content, such as classes, spells, feats, rules, and more. Patrons receive instant access to a 56-page book, patron-exclusive adventures, polls, and custom requests with their monthly support. Become a patron today! 

The adventure gets better with you!

This collaboration was a freely made project between Cze & Peku, Paper Forge, It's A DnD Monster Now, and The Griffon's Saddlebag. If you haven't already, consider becoming a patron to help support the passion and effort that goes into this work. Quality D&D content gets better when it's supported by people like you!

Enjoy the adventure!
—Cze & Peku, Wilson & Grond, Kyle, and Griffin

1 _ Maps - Cze and Peku.zip2 _ Paper Miniatures - Paper Forge.zip3 _ Creature Statblocks - IADnDMN.zip4 _ Magic Items - The Griffons Saddlebag.zipSpiders-Ew_Adventure.pdf

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