Spies, sponsors & ministers: government to try to muzzle the media
Coca-Cola sponsored a one-day journalism event in Madrid today, hosted by the Association of European Journalists and titled "Who pays for lies? Should the truth be paid for?".

The opening speech, alongside Coke Europe's Director for Public Affairs, Communication & Sustainability, Rafael Fernández Quirós, was given by the Deputy Prime Minster, Carmen Calvo.

Referencing "fake news", she said it was time to regulate the free press in Spain, and argued that freedom of speech was not above "the viability of the democratic model, [which] is a superior good to protect". 

The new socialist government, of course, is not having a good couple of weeks in the media, with the PM's thesis, the Justice Minister's 2009 audio recordings and the Science Minister's property company.

For some reason, the event was closed by the head of the Spanish intelligence service (CNI), General Felix Sanz Roldán.

He denied any knowledge of the tapes affecting the Justice Minister this week, which have somehow surfaced from a policeman in jail on remand who worked in the murky waters of Spain's deep-state for years.

A minister who wants to regulate the free press, a big corporate sponsor and the actual head of the intelligence services at an event about journalism.

Not really sure what to say about all that.

Just thank you for reading and sharing and supporting truly independent journalism. No ads or political parties or spies here. Just me and you.

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1. The head of Spanish intelligence service gave the closing remarks.

2. El Mundo's Friday front page: "Government, cornered, now threatens to muzzle the press".

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