The Spilt Ink Podcast 009: "Like moving pictures, but not." The YouTube version is now up too! I’ve got new patrons! And pledges have just surpassed $100 a month! Awesome news. Thanks to my newest partons, Andrew Walsh & Troy Carlson! along with Michelle Darwin, Emil Underbjerg, Tim Moerman, Ian Hodgkinson, & Shannon Becker! Plus, two secretive souls who will take no thanks, but have it anyway. merci beaucoup to you all! This episode of the podcast I take a question from Andrew J. Hawthorn, who asked about “Narrative techniques or figurative tricks you can only do in comics?” Tricky question to answer with JUST words. I'll give it my best go but for sure this podcast will have a youtube version shortly, with some visual aid. And check out the description texts for links here. Music is, SadOceanSpaceBear [ ] & NASA in the opening. Diggin' On Comix by Dr. John. Which some will recognize from the wonderful Comic Book Confidential, by Ron Mann [ ]. Closing out with Montreal's The Unsettlers, "Disco Junkie", off of Blood [ ] . And then Oscar Purrs. By the way, i've working on the main page of Patreon a bit, and set up a curated playlist for the player now. Let me know what you think, and share this with your friends too!
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