Spilt Milk S2 Ep5 Booze (St. Patty's Day Show)
Spilt Milk is here with some St. Patrick's Day fun! Molly starts the show by admitting her porn addiction before the ladies get into some booze talk...next we find out the results of the alcohol/sex survey...Roxy isn't happy with a co-worker - shocking...later they get into Stuff I'm Covered In (dirty martinis and Glossier makeup) before Molly gets personal and Roxy has a few words for Lucas (he showed her his snake)...saving bees, Bartles & James, Molly & two Amys, alcoholic tampons and so much more... Follow the ladies on Twitter @spiltmilkandobf on FaceBook at SpiltMilk.club and check out their PatreonPage at Patreon.com/SpiltMilk to show some love! Produced by Max Howard and Leroy Studios