Spin Mentions FreezeRay Press...a number of times!

Y'all. I spent part of this week figuring out what the next step was for FreezeRay Press--depression and a drop in income have made it harder to be the publishing wizard I want to be--and moreover, I wondered if it was even worth continuing to attempt this when so many other publishers seem to have their acts together much more than I. Then this happened today and I am grateful to Dalton Day for helping build the foundation for this (and for FreezeRay Poetry) and for Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib for lending his expert brain to our music anthology (and poets, I have not forgotten about you and am figuring out ways to get contributor copies out to you as soon as humanly possible). I am continuing to learn and am not giving up. Your words are worth being heard. I owe to all of you to honor that. #ButSpinThough#HolyCrap