spine blanket jacket tutorial
My second video tutorial is finished! Getting better at this video thing, but need more practice! Hope you like it tho' :)

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1. Find a blanket that you like and want to make a spine jacket of.

2. Measure which size that fits you (pattern in the previous post) and decide the length you want (or the blanket allows). Then cut the pattern. If you get any leftovers you can make a shopper! I love blanket shoppers!

3. Serge or zig zag all the pattern pieces to make sure it doesn't tear. Just be sure to not serge at the outer edges of the blanket where there's a nice finish.

4. Attach the front-and back pieces to the side panels with the pockets placed in the front seam on each side:Attach the side panels to the back first, then place the pockets in the front seam ca 6 cm from the bottom. Remember to sew down the seam allowance inside the pockets for a nice finish, then sew the seam on each side of the pocket. It's important that you iron inbetween.

5. Sew the pockets together, then attach the pockets by hand to the front piece so they don't hang loose.

6. Get the spine ready:Fold down ca 1,5 cm on the top and sew to make a nice finish. Make five folds which is ca 6 cm deep - adjust it so it levels with your back pieces. Attach the folds with a seam on each side of the spine. 

7. Attach the spine to the back pieces.

8. Make a dart on top of the shoulders ca 3 cm deep. Fasten the dart with a seam so it makes a triangle and lies flat.

9. Sew the sleeves and attach them.

10. Put a seam on both ends of the collar pieces to make a nice finish. Pin the collar where you want it and attach the lower layer of the collar onto the jacket. Then attach the top layer by hand if you want to - or just leave it as it is.

11. Fold in ca 1,5 cm on each side of the middle front and attach by hand to make a nice finish.

12. Put a closing on it if you want. Hope you like your new blanket spine jacket!