Spinning Gear Artwork
Hi Robot Friends, Here is a little story about this spinning gear artwork I made! Check out the photo above- Different sizes of gears positioned around in a circle and meshed together. It was tricky to get the sizes of gears to fit properly. For the first few gears, I generated them in pairs with various gear ratios. Each time, adding room for a peg to fit through on the ‘plate’ (the holding piece that squishes the gears together). Once the remaining space could only fit one gear, then calculated for a rough diameter to make the last gear. The problem is determining how much the teeth mesh with the other gears. If it is too much, then the circle of gears will not be able to spin freely- it will take a bit of effort. If it is too little, then the gears may skip, making it appear broken. I created an assembly in Autodesk Inventor to see what it would look like. There were a few dimensions that needed tweaking. I was mainly guessing at the thresholds of how close to place the gears. 3D printed the prototype pieces. Some of the positions of the gears were perfect, but eventually an error accumulated from the positioning and some gears needed to have their diameter adjusted. Adjusted ~3 of the gears, printed them, and after re-assembling, it started to spin very smoothly! The plates do detract from the look of the piece. You want to be looking at the gears and the moving circles, but the lines from the plate cut the circles. If the plates were clear, that would be really cool! Laser cut acrylic! I prepared the plates and a set of gears (just to see what it would look like) for laser cutting. Should hear back about them soon. Hoping that it won’t cost too much ;) === And... these are actually going to be a Patreon reward for everyone! Since it has been the same group since the beginning and I have lapsed on the rewards, I hope you all will enjoy this as a reward and token of my gratitude. There will be customization options, like what colour of gears you would like. And you can assemble it yourself :D (I’ll include the pegs, don’t worry). Thinking it can be a really cool desk ornament with a little stand. It’s fun to spin it while thinking about a problem --- literally the gears are turning. === I’ll have more updates when I get the laser cut pieces and test it out :D Until next time, Erin RobotGRRRRRL PS: Sorry for not updating on Thursday. But today is Tuesday- which also starts with a ’T’. . .. .. . 8) Vine video of the gears spinning: https://vine.co/v/MiA1mFMnUl2
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