Spinning Plates (Tutorials coming soon!)
Running a business with no employees is like constantly spinning plates. I've got to keep the current plates spinning while adding new plates and hope that the older ones don't crash. Fun!! (I must love a challenge.)

Last week the plate I added was video tutorials. These things have been on my mind for a year or two, but I haven't had whatever it takes (time, energy) to do them. So, I offered them as a patron reward, and now I've got a fire under me!

Doing it all myself means learning several new skills, including lighting, sound, camera angle and the most challenging so far: working with the equipment that I've got. My phone runs out of memory quickly, my camera runs out of juice... I'm learning so much! This is all in addition to the basics, such as what to say, and how much information to put into the tutorial.

So, please be patient and stay tuned for tutorials! I may have to post them in sections as they progress.