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The Spiral Temple
Inspired by some recent dungeon designs and geomorphs by Nate McD over on Google+ along with some of the odd-shaped buildings on the original map from the AD&D1e Lankhmar supplement, I present the Spiral Temple. But that’s a pretty boring name. It’s probably the temple of Scrovet the Orange, the patron of quests, journeys and riverbeds. Or something like that. But from the outside it is recognizable due to the two intersecting domes that sit above the unusually shaped structure, and from within the immediate reminder of where you are is the long twisting hallway from the front door to the main temple dome. Like most temples, it is a mix of worship space and administrative chambers where the temple elders and clerical staff work. Not being a particularly large temple with a huge congregation, there aren’t much more than a half-dozen rooms dedicated to staff and operations. The clerics of Scrovet the Orange offer blessings to those who are leaving on long trips, perilous quests, and those who work the winding rivers that thread through the nearby hills. As the fifth map released this month, the Spiral Temple is funded by patrons of the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign somewhat under $300 level. But because the campaign has been so successful, as a thank you for the awesome support it is also being released under the commercial license like the first four maps released this month. You can get high resolution versions of the map with and without grid along with the licensing information for your free use, reuse, remixing, folding, spindling and manipulating at the blog post: