Spirit Lovers
      There were once two lovers, a boy who lived on the plains, and a girl who lived near the ocean. The boy lived with a nomadic tribe that followed the beasts who roamed the plains, so when the beasts left to graze, the two lovers had to part until he returned. 

     The girl told her lover that the moon and ocean were connected and that, whenever he missed her, he should look up to the moon and he wouldn’t feel so lonely. So, every night that they were apart, the boy would climb to the highest point in sight, look to the moon and cry out for his missing lover while she patiently awaited his return.

     Over and over, for many years, the boy would cry to the moon, and every time he returned, she would be waiting at the water’s edge, and he would run to her and embrace her just as the waves rush to meet the sand on the beach. 

     One day, however, when they had both grown old, he returned to the shore, and she was no longer waiting for him there. 

     Heartbroken, he searched everywhere for her, sprinting over plains and dodging through forests, climbing every hill and mountain he could find to cry out to the moon, hoping she would hear him. Never could he believe she was gone. Never could he accept that her spirit was now that of the ocean’s.

     He continued for the rest of his nomadic life to cry to the moon for his lost lover, and just as she told him, he did not feel so lonely, believing that one day she would hear him and return to the shore. The spirit of the girl became that of the ocean, the spirit of the boy became that of the wolves, and to this day, when the wolves cry to the moon, you can hear a longing sadness, the plea of a lone boy in search of his lost lover.