Spirit of Half-Life
When making Halfquake and Halfquake Amen, I sometimes had to utilize weird workarounds to get my ideas onto the screen. Stuff like the Sadism Express or the Somos fight of HQA were supposed to be a little different.

HQA must have been done by the time early versions of Spirit of Half-Life cropped up. It took me a while to pick up Half-Life modding again for Sunrise, and in all these years between 2001 and 2010 I noticed many mods displaying that icon you can see at the top of this post.

Powered by Spirit of Half-Life.

"Sure," I said to myself one day, "I'll take a look at the entity guide."

Do you know that feeling in your stomach when you see an idea that excites you so much? That giddy feeling of pure joy?

What? You can attach buttons to trains? You can attach doors to ROTATING OBJECTS?

This was a whole new world and I was ready. I started experimenting, leading to what you can see here.

Recently, I thought about SoHL again and realized - I never actually knew who made it. A quick google search and a few emails later - and here we are with an interview featuring none other than Laurie Cheers, the guy who made things possible.


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