Spiritual Spa: Happiness Frequency, Calming, Relaxing Music (Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphin release)
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In this first post, listen to the Happiness Frequency, Binaural Beats Relaxing Music (while listening, you may experience a lovely and positive Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphin release).

The issue of how to stay centered and what music to choose for meditations frequently comes up in our Private Personal Skype Consultations. With all the craziness going on in the world, to stay balanced and to remain in your power, I highly recommend you regularly meditate and listen to a highly calibrated spiritual frequency music.  

I often listen to the higher-dimensional, highly calibrated binaural beats as my background positive frequency when I write, research, create webinar banners and book covers, or do something else intense and creative. 

I've recently posted a couple of the deep healing music videos on FuturisTrendcast, as part of the new Multidimensional Spiritual Spa.

To let you know: I am thinking about transferring the Spiritual Spa to Patreon, where I plan to post uplifting, healing, spiritual and highly calibrated frequencies on Saturdays or Sundays. This new Patreon Regular Feature will be open to all of my Patrons and it will be FREE to general public!

Enjoy the first video above. It is one of my favorites in this category, to which I listen frequently, especially to dispel negativity and to usher in more balance. 

NOTE! Unlike the text of this particular post, and unlike the content of my usual Patreon, Futurist Trendcast and YouTube posts, articles and videos, I did not create the music in the video featured here; I do not own the copyright to this music. This is the music posted publicly on YouTube and elsewhere. I have done a great deal of research to seek out, test, calibrate and pre-select the most beneficial spiritual music. I possess a substantial library of such spiritual music I've selected from different public sources. I share it with all of you freely and publicly, for the greater benefit of all! 

Please let me know in comments how you like this new Feature! 

P.S. See my further explanations in this follow-up post  What is 'binaural beats' and 'ringing in your ears'? How I recommend using our Spiritual Spa

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