Split Screen Book Cover Ideas
Since last night I've been brainstorming ideas for the Split Screen book cover. I was looking over old romance comics and cover art from rom/com movies and came up with 4 possible designs. Starting on the top left there's Jan and Jeremy in the foreground with squares in the background that will contain some art of them as kids/teens. Top right is two panels with pics of them as kids/teens with their adult versions beneath. I drew in a line like a torn photograph, but this could also just be split down the middle. Bottom left there's 3 cover wide panels of Jan and Jeremy at different ages. The bottom panel could have a torn line, a regular line, or maybe no line? Bottom right is Jan and Jer's faces split down the middle. I kinda like this one, but it might be too weird looking for the cover. If you guys have a preference, or any other ideas, feedback is appreciated! Thanks! :)