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Advertising Sponsorship NOW AVAILABLE!

Currently i'm a little behind - but there are NOW sponsorship details up on my new blog.  Those of you who are a patron, if you throw me a line i'll add you to the sponsorship rotation!  

If you're not a patron already, just hit the subscribe button - and you'll be in like magic! 

I'll be updating infrequently, but it's a blog that encompasses all three of my major things in my life.   Not including the fact i still have to rant about that game I abhor because of it's inexcusable use of the word "TRANNY". 

The new blog is under construction - but i'll be getting the thing finished soon, it's not difficult to set up a wordpress.  Also, my badge business will mainly be using the tictail platform - and soon i'll have information about a local Showcase evening. 

Anyways, see you on the flipside!