Spooked - Part 1
Author's note: this is an experimental format for me. I happen to love fake found footage documentaries -- I know, unpopular opinion, but when they're done well they're an incredibly effective means of story-telling -- so I decided to write this as a transcript of a video. I'd love to hear your feedback on whether you think it works. *** In 2012, 26 year old Suzanne Gibson and her roommate, 25 year old Tina DiCandeloro, set out to investigate rumors of mysterious lights reported to be seen in a field located about ten miles northeast of Miami, Oklahoma. The following are transcripts of voice messages, phone calls and recordings relating to their last known whereabouts. # [Voicemail #1. Voice of Suzanne Gibson.] "Hi mom, it's Suze. So Tina and I are headed up to Miami to finally check out that Spook Light Road we've heard so much about. We just wanted to fill you in on our plans in case we run into car trouble or something, since we'll be out in the country and who knows what kind of phone reception we'll have. Tina also filed a flight plan with Jimmy, but we figure the more we tell the better. Anyway, we'll probably be there way past dark -- we might end up just camping in the van and then head home in the morning. I'll call you when we get back. Love you!" # [Video entry #1. The camera looks out through the windshield of a van at a busy expressway. It's a sunny day. The time stamp reads 1:22 PM.] Tina DiCandeloro (speaking off camera): So we're finally doing this. Suzanne Gibson (off camera): Woo! Wait -- what are we doing? [The camera pans quickly to Suzanne, who is driving the van.] Tina: You know, the spook lights. The whole point of this trip. Suzanne: Right. I just thought you were doing some other thing with the camera. So we're doing the spook lights! Woo! Tina: Woo! [Laughter] Okay, so, explain about the lights. Suzanne: Well, up in the northeast corner of the state, close to the Kansas and Missouri borders, there's this dirt road way out in the country, and they call it Spook Light Road. Supposedly people have been seeing strange lights on this road going all the way back to the 1800s, and nobody knows what they are. Tina [dramatic voice]: Until now. Suzanne: [Laughs] Right. [dramatic voice] Come with us as we uncover the unsolved mystery of Spook Light Road. [Laughter, unintelligible] Suzanne: No, we're probably not gonna solve the mystery. We're just gonna see if the lights show up and if they're as crazy as people say. Tina [turning camera on self]: It's just an excuse for a road trip, really. 'Cause we're bored. Suzanne: Right. 'Cause I-- [Camera pans quickly back to Suzanne] --just got laid off, and Tina's in between design projects. Tina: And we both really, really need a vacation. Suzanne [laughing]: Yeah. A lame vacation, camping overnight in a van on a dirt road in Bum-fumble Oklahoma. Really, we're that hard up. Tina: But there might be spooks! And lights! Or UFOs or ghosts or something. Suzanne: Or some jerk kids running around the woods with flashlights. Tina: Either way, we're on an adventure. And I already have to pee. Suzanne: What? We're not even out of Tulsa yet. Tina: I know, but I drank a ton of coffee this morning. Hey, there's a Quick Trip! Suzanne [sighing and rolling eyes]: Fine. But no more coffee. We're not stopping again till Vinita. Tina [pointing the camera back at herself and whispering]: Oh yes, there will be more coffee. [End of video] *** There will be more to follow shortly. To read the rest, just make a $2 pledge!
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