Spooktober 2017 - Day Eighteen…

Title and Author: The Eyes of the Dragon – Stephen King 

Total Pages: 380

Current Page: 246 

Daily Check-in: 

I know, I’ve been horrible about keeping up with these daily check-ins for the last week. I ended up having a number of health issues flare up midway through the week and I’m just now getting everything back together and under control. I apologize. 

Over the last week I finished book five for this month - Abracadabra by Stephen Gresham. It wasn’t bad, it just – like all of the books so far this month – seemed to end too abruptly. At this point I am over halfway through my goal of reading eight books this month. I’ve also blown past my goal of fifty books this year – I’m currently on book number sixty. So, yeah! 

At the moment I’m two-thirds of the way through The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. I remember loving this book as a teen and decided to give it another read. Unfortunately I forgot that it’s not actually a horror novel. For some reason I remember it having more horrific elements within – probably because Flagg freaked me out when I was younger. So a bit of a hiccup for my creepy reads only month, but I’m still enjoying it. I’m surprised how many scenes in this book I still vividly remember, considering it’s been over twenty-five years or so since I last read it.