Spooktober 2017 - Day Nineteen…

Title and Author: The Eyes of the Dragon – Stephen King 

Total Pages: 380

Current Page: 380 

Daily Check-in: 

I finished this old beauty late last night and while it wasn’t as good as I remember it being, it was still an enjoyable read. But the napkins… so much about napkins! I can’t help wondering if Stephen King was using this book to deal with some childhood trauma involving napkins – bitten by a rogue napkin as a child maybe? Either that, or he started one of those writing exercises that give you a limitation to work with – such as your story must contain a napkin – and things got out of control. Still, it was fun. 

I can’t help wondering just what Flagg was. Peter referred to him as a demon, but was that out of anger or an actual description? He’s a magician, so it is feasible that he could be a human and live as long as he has. Still… I’m left wondering. 

Rating: 💀💀💀💀 

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