Spooktober 2017 - Day Twenty…

Title and Author: Daughters of Eve – Lois Duncan 

Total Pages: 252

Current Page: 62 

Daily Check-in: 

I picked this book up in a mystery box at our local used paperback exchange. It was six horror novels for five bucks. I couldn’t refuse. But so far… it’s kind of dull. It’s also very frustrating. Is every guy in this town the worst kind of male chauvinist? Of the three main gals, one’s father is an abusive alcoholic who thinks beating his wife and terrorizing his daughter is a fun evening. The second gal’s parents believe it’s her responsibility to clean up after her three brothers – two of which are older than she is – to the point they don’t want her to join the Daughters of Eve club because she won’t be home Monday afternoons to do the housework. Because heaven forbid that the guys lend a hand. And while the third gal seems to come from a loving home, she’s overweight and constantly criticized by every male she runs across. 

That’s not even getting into the fact that the rest of the girls in the club have similar experiences with the guys in their lives. 


I get it. It’s setting up a scenario where these girls think taking their aggression out on the males of the town is worthwhile… but this is laying things on a little thick. Only one guy so far seems a decent sort of fellow. 

I haven’t gotten very far just yet. Hopefully things will improve soon.