Spooky New Art Pack: Skeleton Warrior + Archer
Hey everyone, happy Halloween!

I hope you're ready for a scare... Because there are skeletons afoot!

(GIF direct link)

Halloween is actually a lot of fun for me now that I'm a pixel artist... I get to draw so many cool scary things that I wouldn't normally think of drawing! :)

Say hello to the Skeleton Warrior and the Skeleton Archer, who are bundled together in one art pack! It takes 1 normal key for patrons to unlock. Read more on the Skeleton Warrior + Archer asset page >> 

Pretty awesome animation, isn't it? I'm super proud of this one. It's got some extra color themes, too!

I wanted to have this done a few days ago so I could fit everything in, but I'm glad I was able to get this out on Halloween at least. The Speed Spriting video will unfortunately be later than Halloween, but I expect it to be out within a couple days. I think it'll be a good video, too! I can always tell when it'll be a good video, based on how much fun I had drawing it. When I draw stuff like this I always feel like making a game so I can put it to use! I think if Demon's Hymn ever becomes a full game, this would fit in it...

Anyway, happy Halloween! I have a lot more coming your way soon in terms of videos, and I have a couple ideas for my next art project for you guys. There may also be a big announcement soon, but I can't talk about it yet. (That's how big it is!)

Thanks for your support,