Spooky Tileset: Haunted Village
 As you step into the run-down village, the wind blows ominously. Chills run down your spine each time your feet crunch the dry, withered grass beneath them. A tortured scream rings through the empty town. The blood moon is risen, and nowhere is safe. Run.

Let's run for our lives through the Haunted Village!

Haunted Village tileset preview >>

Hey everyone! I'm here with a super spooky new Halloween tileset! It's been a while since my last "variant" tileset, so for those of you who are newer here, I'll explain! Sometimes I like a tileset so much, that I want to do multiple things with it. Sometimes I change it from day to night, other times I change the overall theme and mood of the tileset, and so on. This is why I call them "variant" tilesets- they're a variant of one I've made before. I always try to make it more than just a palette swap, though!

The Haunted Village tileset features slightly longer grass to help build the "abandoned" look, more wear and tear on the buildings, and an incredibly spooky, ominous moon in a blood-red sky.  This is a Star Power tileset, but as a special trick-or-treat for Halloween, I'm making it TOTALLY FREE for all of my current patrons!

You can grab this tileset from the download page! If you're a current patron, whether you're pledging $1 or $50 or anywhere in between, this is a free download, no key required! Otherwise, this tileset requires 1 Star Key to unlock. There's a spooky 1920x1080 wallpaper included in the zip file!

Thanks for your support, and be awesome! Have a happy Halloween!